Our Values

French Alumni seeks out to regroup French-speaking qualified professionals living in Vancouver, British-Columbia who wish to share their experiences and point of views with like-minded people. Our very mixed group of participants - from people starting a career to senior executives coming from various professions and industries - meets once a month in a casual and convivial atmosphere.

French Alumni is founded on the values of open-mindedness, sincere and long-lasting relationships and casual exchanges.


We invite you to keep an open mind when attending our events. Trying to understand people’s perspective is the most effective way to learn and to grow!

Long-lasting relationships

We believe that the magic happens when people truly take the time to know each other. Think in the long-term!

Casual Exchanges

We like meeting in a warm atmosphere but informal setting. Here is our policy: no dress code, no agenda and no lengthy speeches. We’re here to talk!

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to animate a community of a French-speaking qualified professionals living in Vancouver, British-Columbia.
French Alumni in Vancouver is led by a group of 3 volunteers who organize convivial monthly events in Vancouver. Discover our team members.

Our Ambassadors

We are actively supported by 3 ambassadors who participate in elaborating our strategy and promoting our association.

Our Partners

We couldn't achieve all these events and continue over the years without our partners. Thanks to them and their support.